US Weekly had a feature on the 25 Things  you don’t know about Peter Facinelli. Check some of them out.

1. I prefer Coffee Bean over Starbucks — annoying because there are way more Starbucks.

2. I have two middle names.

3. I am addicted to my iPhone. Damn you, Steve Jobs. And when does the next one come out?

4. I was fifth runner-up on the third season of American Idol. (Not really, but do you really remember who was?)

5. I was a father at 22.

6. I love ’70s movies.

7. My father once waited on my favorite actor, Paul Newman. He made a photocopy of his credit card signature for me so he wouldn’t have to ask for his autograph.

8. My favorite hobby growing up was TV. Especially The Smurfs.

9. My oldest sister had the coolest Smurf collection. I stole it and gave it to my daughter. Only because I wanted it.

10. I don’t watch football, which is very unmanly to admit. Er, I mean, go Giants!

11. I missed Oprah‘s final episode. Yes, just got my manhood back!

Read the entire list HERE


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