Here’s the press release for Alex Meraz’s new film “City of Gardens” 

The City of Gardens Wraps Filming in Lima, Peru…Production Moving to Los Angeles. Dynamic ensemble cast, John Robinson, Alex Meraz, Johnny Lewis, Michael DeLorenzo, Deborah Unger, James Remar and Grant Bowler star in a story inspired by true events Production is currently underway on the feature film

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In the nightmarish prison, Wayne finds himself surrounded by a group of political activists and social misfits, including a schizophrenic who believes he is Jesus Christ (Grant Bowler) and an Icelandic devotee of Krishna, Jorge (Johnny Lewis). Wayne is forced to share a mattress with the animalistic beast that everyone calls Nicaragua (Alex Meraz) which leads to a confrontation between them.

In a desperate attempt to gain freedom, Wayne meets with Consul Powers (Debra Unger) whose hands are tied by the false drug charges. As Wayne’s naivety dissipates, another nemesis, the power hungry Lt. Gutierrez (Michael DeLorenzo), moves to break Wayne´s spirit, torturing him to extort money from his family. Left with few options, Wayne adopts a new ethic – engaging the Peruvian activists, sharing his gifts with them and learning the importance of faith through his sympathetic friend, Jorge (Johnny Lewis). Wayne challenges Lt. Gutierrez’s authority, confronting the depravity of corruption and

abuse with his newfound spirit and courage. Wayne´s confrontation with Gutierrez propels the story to its final climax.

The City of Gardens, which is the 1980s story of a young American surfer, wrongfully accused of cocaine trafficking and sent to prison. Production has wrapped photography in Lima, Peru and will continue in Los Angeles. The intense action drama and coming of age story stars John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown, Transformers, Elephant), Alex Meraz (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and New Moon), Johnny Lewis (Sons of Anarchy, The Runaways, AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem), Michael DeLorenzo (A Few Good Men, Not Forgotten, Resurrection Blvd), Deborah Unger (White Noise, The Hurricane, Angel and the Bad Man, The Game), James Remar (Red with Bruce Willis, Gun with Val Kilmer, Pineapple Express, 2 Fast 2 Furious) and Grant Bowler (Killer Elite with Robert De Niro, Jason Statham & Clive Owen, True Blood 3rd Season, Ugly Betty). The City of Gardens is directed by Camilo 18 Wheels of Justice, Resurrection Blvd), who wrote the script with Monty Fisher. Monty Fisher and Alicia Rivera Frankl (Gettysburg, Babysitter, The Mask of Zorro) are producing alongside co-producer Rami Rivera Frankl. DragonTree Media president Rami Rivera Frankl is in discussions for Domestic and International Distribution. Production is currently casting the role of Wayne’s (John Robinson) mother. The action drama, The City of Gardens, follows a blond Californian surfer, Wayne Montgomery (John Robinson), who is a fun loving beach bum escaping the influence of his wealthy and powerful father (James Remar). Wayne leaves his home in Beverly Hills for the enchantment of exotic Peru. Wayne’s carefree lifestyle and love affair with his beautiful girlfriend, Maritza, (introducing Anahi De Cardenas a Peruvian actress), ends when he is framed during a political uprising. Framing turns into extortion in the sadistic prison.

Produced by Four Fish Films/DragonTree Media


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