E1 Entertainment (the UK distributor of Twilight Saga Films) had an interesting way to promote the Eclipse DVD Release! Check it out below!

According to their press release:

Braving the cold this morning, five four-legged couriers made a unique delivery. A pack of wolves has delivered the first batch of DVDs to a retailer in London in the early hours of today prior to the release of the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 6th December and is set to be a howling success.Film company Entertainment One has hired five wolves to ensure the safe delivery of the first batch of films to HMV’s Piccadilly store. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – starring Kristen Stewart, Brit star Robert Pattinson and US talent Taylor Lautner – is set to become one of the biggest home entertainment releases of 2010 thanks to the loyal following of ‘Twi-hards’ – fans of Stephenie Meyer’s series of novels and films.

The wolves, who have been in special training for the task for the past three months, were led by the members of Jacob’s ‘wolf clan’ and walked over 10 miles to the city centre. The furry five-some shocked members of the public as they were spotted walking through the streets of central London holding the DVDs firmly in their mouths.Wolf handler Trevor Smith commented: “These wolves have been subject to a rigorous training schedule for the past three months to ensure they can safely carry and deliver the DVDs to the stores in time for its release. I must admit it did take a little while to ensure they could hold the DVDs in their mouth without leaving a few holes in it, but we got there in the end.”

E1 Entertainment Senior Product Manager Martin Gough added: “We decided to use wolves to bring the film into London due to their instinct to protect and defend. The film is set to be one of this year’s biggest releases so what better way to ensure the safe delivery of the DVDs into the UK. After all who, besides a vampire, would take on a wolf?”

Source: Lexicon


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