Hello Bands!!! Edward’s Meadow website sponsors Battle of the Twilight bands and this year’s prizes include.

1st place: A phone call from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cast member and musical artist Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater)!

2nd place: A signed 4×6 picture of Michael Welch (Mike Newton) AND a free copy of the 2 disc special edition of the Twilight DVD!

3rd place: A free copy of the official Twilight soundtrack AND a free copy of The Bad Mother’s Handbook DVD starring Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), a musical artist and star of the Twilight saga films!

On top of these prizes, all three winners will get an online award banner which they can post on their website, facebook, twitter, myspace, etc, their songs posted on every page of our site for 2 weeks (a website that gets around 100,000 viewers per month), their songs posted permanently on our Twilight song list (the #1 Twilight song list on Google), and their song put on a CD which will be sent to Stephenie Meyer!

Check out all the details here.


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