Rachelle LeFevre playsVictoria in New Moon, and she talks to HitFix in-depth about her experience filming New Moon while she was in Vancouver.

Q: So, we get to see you jump from 25 feet up in a tree down to the ground? There’s leaping off trees to the ground. There’s leaping up in the air from trees to other trees. I was about 40-feet up just hanging out looking like I was just kind of standing there. There’s a lot of that. And then my stunt double, who spent five years with Cirque du Soleil did some very cool like backflips and things like that on the wires. Yeah, being thrown around by werewolves you’d be like in one place one minute and then they pull [and] you’re like hooked up to wire and then they’ll pull the wires and then you get yanked up flying into the air and your body’s folded in half. It’s very cool.

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