Jodelle Ferlan’s official fansite has the following information:

“Its official! Jodelle has been cast in the Twilight Saga, The 3rd Film, Eclipse! she will playing The Newborn Vampire! We are really excited for her. How so many of you had petitioned for Jodelle to be cast as Jane, and now she gets to work alongside the cast and Dakota Fanning who was cast as Jane for New Moon. AND…It doesnt stop there, Jodelle has also been cast in a new film for 2010, called The Cabin In The Woods its a horror movie and you can find more about the film and its cast at IMDB.com Its hoping to be released in February! So.. a Huge Congrats is in order for Jodelle! 2 great projects that we cannot wait to see, Jodelle was super excited about sharing the news about Twilight, and we are pleased as she definately deserved this role. Ive got some new stuff im working on so check back soon!”

The site also contains a link to Jodelle’s official Twitter http://twitter.com/jodellemicah, where Jodelle, herself, confirms the casting.

** It’s currently being rumored that she’s going to play Bree but nothing has been confirmed as of yet**


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