Stephenie Meyer’s favorite band, Muse, will be performing at the VMAs on September 13 at 9 P.M. E.T.

Muse is Stephenie Meyer’s favorite band — she thanked them for their inspiration and called them “rock gods” in “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” and then decided to dedicate “Eclipse” to the band for providing “a saga’s worth of inspiration.” Their “Supermassive Black Hole” also appeared on the soundtrack for the “Twilight” film.

But, perhaps not everyone who’s read the books is aware of the full impact the band had on Meyer … their music even influenced key scenes in the series, as she told MTV News last year.

“I was in Forks [Washington, the city where ‘Twilight’ is based] with my sister — before any of the books had come out, just sort of scoping it out,” Meyer said. “I was working on ‘Eclipse’ at the time, and I had [Muse’s album] Absolution in, and ‘Hysteria’ came on and, in my mind, the kiss scene between [Bella] and Jacob just choreographed itself, down to how many steps he took toward her. So whenever I read that now, I always hear the song in my mind.”

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