In its first weekend, Kellan Lutz’s new movie Nightmare on Elm Street  brought in $34 million domestically.

Warner Bros is already planning the 3D sequel. “The franchise is very much alive,” an exec told me this morning. Because this weekend’s opening for New Line/Warner Bros’ A Nightmare On Elm Street was $32.2 million — or 15.8 million Friday and $10.5 million Saturday and Sunday’s estimate from 3,332 theaters. (Friday’s take includes $1.6 million from Thursday midnight shows in about 1,000 locations, a new record for a horror flick previously held by the February 2009 rebooted Friday The 13th’s $1 million.) ”A Nightmare On Elm Street is a dream that won’t stop,” a rival studio exec emailed me. Puh-leeze, this Michael Bay-produced pic received rotten reviews. In all, this is the 9th in the infamous franchise — if you count number Freddy vs Jason – with Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. (Robert Englund as the slasher used to scare me so badly I could never even watch the trailers of the old films.)

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