Paramore had an interview with their local newspaper The Tennessean, and and spoke about their decision to take part in the Twilight soundtrack.

” ‘Decode’ is one of our favorite songs that we’ve written as a band. It’s so simple, but the feeling isn’t really matched by anything else we have,” the singer said. “Not that it’s better than the rest of our songs, just different. We loved being able to be a part of a movie soundtrack at all . . . the fact that it happened to explode and become one of the biggest movies of our generation was like, ‘Wait a minute, what!?’

“I think a lot of people expect us to be a bit embarrassed, or something. But we’re extremely proud of it. I think that we got lucky that we were able to gain so many fans by contributing to the soundtrack, but we still aren’t defined by Twilight and ‘Decode.’ ”

See the rest on the Tennessean.


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