The Portland Twilight convention that was planned for this weekend has been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that Peter Facinelli won’t still make the trip for charity’s sake. He will be in town to meet fans and raise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The California Chronicle has an interview with Peter about his trip.

When first approached with the role of a benevolent vampire patriarch in “Twilight,” what did you think?

My agents called me and they said, “Do you want to do a vampire movie?” I said no because I was thinking something with blood and guts, like a horror film. It wasn’t my cup of tea. They said it’s based on this book, “Twilight,” and that Catherine Hardwicke was directing. I love her work, so I said to set up a meeting. They said they’d already set one up for the next day. I said send me the book. I just started reading it, and I couldn’t put it down.

What attracted you to the project?

The vampire stuff was more of a backdrop for this romantic love story. It was kind of like a Romeo and Juliet tale set in a vampire world. The vampire part gave it more of a romance, more of a seductiveness. It reminded me of old Bela Lugosi vampire movies, a throwback to that. I could totally see “Twilight” in black and white. The characters were really rich. The story was really interesting. I loved Stephenie Meyer’s writing.

What made you decide to do something for Doernbecher?

I love whenever I can do things that benefit others. My middle daughter, Lola, spent time in a children’s hospital, and I know how heartbreaking that can be for a family. Lola spent 10 days in a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. You think the doctors have all the answers, but they don’t. That can get quite frustrating. They didn’t know what was wrong with her. It was very frustrating and scary, so I know how that feels. But my daughter is much better now. She was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and it’s in remission.

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