After Rachelle Lefevre’s role of Victoria was recast for Eclipse, she dropped off the Twilight promo map. She may not be involved in any of the New Moon promotion anymore, but don’t expect Rachelle Lefevre to be a no-show at the premiere on November 16. She plans to be there to celebrate the film’s release with the rest of the cast!

There’s been a lot of speculation has to whether actress Rachelle Lefevre would attend the premiere of Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight: New Moon”. If you remember, she played vampire villain Victoria in the original “Twilight” as well as in the second installment, however, due to schedule conflicts, she was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard for the third installment titled “Twilight: Eclipse”. According to reports, the actress wouldn’t miss the premiere for the world. She worked so hard on the film and she’s excited to re-unite with her cast-mates. Personally, I thought Lefevre was great as Victoria and very convincing. I think Bryce Dallas Howard was the better known star and producers now-a-days do anything they can to gain publicity.



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