This first-look photo of Rachelle Lefevre in her new film The Caller has been unveiled (via Fangoria)  as well as an official summary of the film.

“Some calls are best left unanswered.” That’s what Mary (the TWILIGHT films’ Rachelle Lefevre) finds out in THE CALLER. The first image from the film (currently in postproduction) has hit the web, and you can see it after the break.

Directed by Matthew Parkhill from a script by Sergio Casci, the story concerns a troubled divorcee, Mary Kee (played by Lefevre, who replaced the late Brittany Murphy during production). She moves into a new apartment, where she comes across an old telephone that she falls in love with; however, when she hooks it up, she begins to receive strange calls from a mysterious woman named Rose (DRAG ME TO HELL’s Lorna Raver). The two eventually establish an unlikely friendship, but when Rose claims to be calling from the past, Mary grows suspicious of her new friend. As Rose’s phone calls grow more disturbing, Mary cuts off contact with Rose, who threatens terrible revenge—not just on the Mary of the present, but Mary as a child in the past… THE CALLER also stars two other vampire veterans, TRUE BLOOD’s Stephen Moyer and INNOCENT BLOOD’s Luis Guzmán.

Source: Examiner


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