Twilight star Robert Pattinson is heading to the Cannes Film festival! He is taking time off from shooting “Twilight” sequel “New Moon” to make his first appearance at the see-and-be-seen glamour event on the French Rivera.

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  1. Hi – absolutely am obsessed with the young vampire, Edward Cullen.
    I am a 62 year old grandmother and I’ve been “62 for a while now” lol
    My granddaughter and her friends introduced me to the Twilight saga books of
    which I have read all four and watched the movie over and over. They tease me
    that this movie has made me young again. These young people are amazing
    actors and the chemistry between them breathtaking. Much success to all of them and I’m looking forward to winning any contest I have entered to meet
    this young man. I am sure he knows of vampires and werewolves, but now he
    needs to meet a “cougar” lol
    Love, Karen

  2. Hey Karen,

    Thanks for reading the site!! Rob has stated in a number of interviews that he likes older women soooooo you might just have a shot!!! Everyone that i’ve spoken with that has gotten the opportunity to meet Rob has had nothing but positive comments. He’s just an awesome guy!! Keep reading/watching Twilight!


  3. I love that she is an older women who LOVES Twilight. I agree the acting and romance and are amazing , NOT graphic and EXPLICIT like most movies and books now a days. And it’s so cool that she has that bond with her grandaughter . And Karen you stay young at heart ( cougar ) You never know when opportunity when knock. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND !!

  4. Hi girls,
    I am 43 and also obsessed with story and can’t stop devouring all the information is out there about the filming and about the cast lives!!
    thanks to all of this websites we have all the information we need. I will follow ROb at Cannes (only virtually of course!)
    love to all twilight moms like me!!


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