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A group of Twilight fans have been working on a quilt based on scenes from the Twilight universe with the ultimate goal of giving the handmade gift to author Stephenie Meyer.

Crafter Iris quilted the clock tower from the pivotal Italian scenes of New Moon for one block of the quilt, and she tells me that–

We decided to do a group quilt for Stephenie Meyer herself, and that is in it’s final stages of assembly before being sent to quilting. We have 3 main threads on TwilightMoms we communicate with, started a blog, and are super excited about our craft and our Twilight projects! What’s amazing is non of us has met in person, we started the SM Quilt only 6 weeks ago, and coordinated, shared ideas, even fabric swapped to quickly put it all together.

Check out the group’s blog for more info on the quilt over at the Twilight Quilters Coven!



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